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Describe your slave

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Create a slave and describe her so I can put her into my game.

I am currently teaching myself Twine by making a straightforward but very /d/ text-based h-game. Most of the slaves in the game are randomly generated, but I'm including a list of hard-coded slaves that can be acquired randomly or as rewards. The idea is that the player isn't the first to own these slaves; they need to show the effects of a previous master's alterations.

So, /d/, imagine yourself wealthy and unencumbered by morals, in a world where slavery exists, but otherwise identical to our own. (Notably, this means modern medicine only; dick transplantation is right out.) Describe your slave to me, and I'll put her in the game as best I can. I like the idea of having /d/-generated slaves in the game, in addition to my own creations and randoms – and I trust /d/ can be more fucked up collectively than I ever could manage on my own. So:

What's her slave name?
How obedient is she?
What's her general appearance? (I can derive stats from a picture or a verbal description.)
Does she have any surgical alterations, like implants?
Does she have any tattoos, piercings, or other cosmetic modifications?
How sexually experienced is she?
...and, of course, anything else significant, though I can't promise I have a stat for it.