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The Legend of Korra (LoK & AtLA) Thread: Christmas Is In the Air Edition (feat. Capitalism)

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Turf Wars part 1:
Go buy it though and support the creators you nincompoop!

Part 2 scheduled for January 31 release
Part 3 scheduled for February 13 release

So nee-chan, part 2 is less than three months away. How do (You) think Korra will handle the spirits vs. capitalists war? How badly will she fuck up this time? Or will things go her way for once?
Will Asami take a significant active role in the comics or will she be a helicopter waifu for all eternity?
Will Everybody's Favorite Bolin™ get his own arc? How about Varrick? Where IS Varrick?
What kind of bullshit mumbo jumbo powers will the newly spiritified Tokuga sport?
Which supporting cast will be shunted into the Shadow Realm and never be seen again, even though their powers might be able to aid in resolving the situation?