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Yagate Kimi ni Naru

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Sayaka vs Yuu edition.
The love triangle has officially started

New chapters are out the 27th of every month in Japan.

4s folder:

pic from:
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Recent Yuri Releases

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Yuri Hime

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For discussing stuff from the magazine and the publishing label. Preferably not the things that can fill a whole thread by themselves (such as citrus).
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General Thread

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Previous: >>2265284
This thread is for:
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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Overwatch General: Valentine's Day Edition

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Previous Thread: >>2259016

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Translated comics:

Fanfic rec list:
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Little Witch Academia

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Continued From>>2267165
Ursula in the OP
because she is OP
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Hyperdimension Neptunia (新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ)

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RWBY: Another Hiatus Edition

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Last Thread >>2248981

>New fic recommendation list:

>Old recommendation list:

>Ancient rec list:

>Ship list:

Discuss the uneventful events of V4 here.
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Homura Akemi is a raging lesbian

Archived Threads:

Previous thread: >>2261752

(protip, use aubergine)
TV: get "Meguca;" "tri4" for subbed commentaries
Compilation: get "Coal Girls"

NAX (Aniplex subs, 720p)

Reinweiss (Modified Aniplex subs with honorifics and JP name order, 720p)

Latest English Releases

Note to those just now joining us: Please report spam and do not reply. Yes, it's normal. Just ignore it.

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With a main lead girl and a lot of girl side characters, what is the likeliness of it having a /u/ significant fanbase?
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Kill La Kill: Lewd Edition

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Previous thread: >>2215852 hit the image bump limit so fuck it

*prays for nuifag to not show up in 3 days*
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Miss Angle and Miss Devil

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