Little Witch Academia

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Diakko is old and busted. Sucy/Akko is the new hotness.
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The Legend of Korra (LoK & AtLA) Thread: January Is Still So Far Away Edition

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Turf Wars part 1:

New Project Voicebend in case you missed it:

Part 1 is now out in stores! Unless it's sold out or hasn't been distributed properly to your location. If this has happened, go complain at your local comicbook store until they break.
Part 2 scheduled for January 31 release
Part 3 scheduled for February 13 release
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Hyperdimension Neptunia (新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ)

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General Thread

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This thread is for:
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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Idol bullshittery belongs here: >>2326774
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Muscle Yuri

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Lets see those /u/ abs!
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RWBY: Hot and Cold Edition

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>New fic recommendation list:

>Old recommendation list:

>Ancient rec list:

>Ship list:
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Citrus chapter 31

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Previous thread reached the bump limit : >>2403714

Main Cast members announced:
Aihara Yuzu: Taketatsu Ayane
Aihara Mei: Tsuda Minami
Taniguchi Harumi: Fujii Yukiyo
Momokino Himeko: Kubo Yurika
Mizusawa Matsuri: Izawa Shiori

Scans on Dynasty (CT on Dynasty now):

Translations done by Chaosteam

Chapter 31 raw :

Translation in some next days (maybe).
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Princess Principal

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A Kiss from the petals / Sono Hanabira

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Recent Yuri Releases

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How do you feel about yuri sex slaves?
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Has a new chapter dropped yet I've not heard any more news about this also

Pulse thread
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/u/ meets /lit/

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Discuss, request, and recommend /u/ related /lit/ works!

Previous Thread: >>2367123

Recommendations list (to be modified/improved):


Zippyshare links from previous thread:

Calibre F/F Library magnet link (hundreds of books with release dates up till 2013):

>How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:

Custom Google Search:

Downloading from #bookz on IRC:

B-OK (Bookzz):

Library Genesis:
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It Would Be Great If You Didn't Exist! "네가 없었으면 좋겠어"

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Overwatch General

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Translated comics:

Fanfic rec list:
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