Recent Yuri Releases

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Dragon Ball Super

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These two are giving off an incredibly gay vibe.

Color me pleased.
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Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

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This episode was pretty sad no pun intended but yuri development with lucifer and maria i guess
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Kemono Friends

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Live Action /u/ Thread

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Subtitles when?
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Pretty Cure

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Overwatch General

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Translated comics:

Fanfic rec list:
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Kantai Collection Sister Ships dating each other edition

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The Love Doctor

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The Love Doctor

Writer : Chamsae
Artist : Bansook
Genre : Romance/GL

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/u/ meets /lit/

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Discuss, request, and recommend /u/ related /lit/ works!

Previous Thread: >>2314028

Recommendations list (to be modified/improved):


Zippyshare links from previous thread:

Calibre F/F Library magnet link (hundreds of books with release dates up till 2013):

>How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:

Custom Google Search (updated):

Downloading from #bookz on IRC:


Library Genesis:
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Miss Angel & Miss Devil

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Sexual Violence

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Violence with sexual implications be it rape, BDSM, rough sex, ect.
Ideally, just bruises and bleeding and shit like that. Not full on gore
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Valkyrie Drive: Steam Edition.

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>Links of Interest

>Bhikkhuni Otherside Manga

>Compilation of Siren's Manga Translations

>Siren Chapter 6 EN

>Siren Chapter 7 EN

>Full series Dual Audio BD Rip

>Bhikkhuni CG Compilation

>Rinka and Ranka Daki

>Mermaid Manga Vol 02 scans

>Otherside Raws

>Valkyrie Drive Aftermath Compilation

>Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni out on Vita worlwide now! Coming to Steam on June 20th!

>VD is not over says Kaneko
>Hiraku Kaneko
>VD will continue~how far will it go~

>Mermaid manga vol 2 review

>Kasumi's Doujin

>Tell Marvelous how much you like Valkyrie Drive

>New Mirei figurine on the works.

>Chinese Raw of Killing me softly doujin.
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Western Cartoons and Animation Thread: Summer Camp Edition

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Old thread at >>2287571

A thread for all animation mainly originating from the Western hemisphere (USA, Europe, etc).
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