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Sony PlayStation 2 (NTSC) Collection

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A torrent with a very large selection of USA PS2 ISOs. I dont know if its a complete collection, but the fucking thing is 2.6 terabytes, so it must be close.

The magic part: With a "FCMB memory card" from ebay for a few dollars you can softmod nearly any PS2 (except the very last slim models) completely reversibly (card in = modded, card out = back to normal) and with 'open ps2 loader' on the card you can boot disc ISOs from a network SMB share, no more burning discs, just download and go.

Remember, you can just pick the ISOs you want to download in your torrent client, you dont have to get the whole thing, but please seed the same amount back at least.

The magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8517b29d393c291aa331e9f479b3767321b200ed&dn=My%20Sony%20PlayStation%202%20(USA)%20Collection&