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90s PC Games

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Post here your 90s PC games.

I'm on a kick for these types of games, since I'm on third shift and have a lot of time to kill. Bonus points for RPG and repeatability. I'm kinda on the hunt for the older CIV games cause I just found out about the never-ending war and it fascinated me.

I'll start it slow:

I have no mouth, and I must scream
Based on the short story. Read it, (you can find it easily) feel your face melting away, then play the point and click game that will ruin your life.

Fallout 2 mod:

It removes the need for the disc, and makes it oh so much better.

BONERUS: I run a Macbook while I'm on the go, so this has been invaluable to me, even though I have to dual boot to play games on Win 7. For anyone in my predicament, the following program will activate your Win 7 for you. It's a lifesaver for anyone that needs to dual boot or run a VM to play games:
It's a bitch to finally get to the download link, but when you do, save the .exe. It hasn't failed me since.

My contributes suck, post better ones.