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>inb4 blogpost

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>be me
>21 yo mtf, passing, living fulltime
>move out to the big city
>no friends, no family, just me being completely independent
>score a sweet job, going to be making serious bank, but dont start for another two weeks
>money pretty tight, but shit i'll be able to afford SRS by the end of the year
>cute lesbian girl on the train flirting with me
>curly haired redhead art student
>mostly into guys, but i DO want to fuck a girl at least once before SRS
>i mean if you got a dick you might as well try to use it properly once
>its like, the biological prime directive or some shit. progenation or whatever.
>she asks me out for coffee
>turns out she's bi, goes to college at some fancy university
>she thicccccc and pretty
>we have a nice first date
>go to a coffee shop, walk around the city, get a little lost
>i act a bit awkward since I haven't been on the dating scene in a while and had been going steady with my last boyfriend for a long time.
>spaghetti every now and then but she seems to be enjoying herself
>we hold hands and kiss and shit
>decide to tell her against my own best judgment that I'm a tranny
>she seems fucking thrilled and finds it hot
>everything goes well and I say bye
>next day realize how fucking broke I am
>holy shit i need money fast
>have some leftover adderall from a friend
>hmm... well... she does go to college... maybe some college kids would buy this shit off of me for cramming or whatever
>text her if she knows anyone who would want to buy addy
>she flips her shit
>tells me i'm weird and must be some kind of druggie
>i try to explain but she more or less says she never wants to talk to me or see me again
>confidence crushed

haha... im ok... who needs her? lol