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<--- Attached image is the AGP pride flag. Black represents the repression and hatred we get from the normal /lgbt/ community and our porn addiction. The Green symbolizes our transition and love/hate of our natural bodies. The purple represents our definition of femininity and how we choose to express it.

I, for one, am sick of autogynephilia ALWAYS having a negative connotation, no matter who's talking about it. Either it's something sick/creepy to be ashamed of, or a weak point for anti-transgenders and TERFs to target. Even the vast majority of AGPs are ashamed of it and pretend AGP doesn't exist.

>Guys, I'm scared that I'm transitioning for the wrong reasons. Oh god, is it just a fetish? Is it wrong to masturbate in women's clothes? OH GOD DO I HAVE TO DETRANSITION? I'm so ashamed.

>The fact that MTTs play with their boobs and jerk off in the mirror proves that they are all creepy fetishists and a threat to women. Real women don't play with their boobs or get aroused in the mirror, that's sick.

>Being attracted to your own feminizing body proves mental illness. Because being attracted to yourself is totally detrimental to your mental health and way worse than hating your body or having a low self-esteem.

Transgender/hon community:
>AGP is a hoax! Blanchard is a nutbar, PSEUDOSCIENCE! All cis women have AGP too, it's called feeling sexy! (OP's note: being literally attracted to your own body is not the same as "feeling sexy")