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passing stories

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sharing and reading passing stories is the purpose of this thread. It's been forever since I saw one of these

>at rap concert
>notice a mosh pit form behind me
>jump in because I enjoy mosh pits usually
>realize everyone around the pit is staring at me
>as i hop out of the pit, some guy puts his arm around my shoulder and says "haha yo thats wild, see she went in the pit cause she tryna fuck huh huh
>keep my lips sealed
>escape his grasp before he could hear my voice

and also

>go to smoke shop, milling through the rolling papers
>shop keeper says to me "let me know if i can help you with anything darling"
>almost leave and go to another smoke shop
>suck it up instead, watch his cocky flirtatious grin turn into an embarrassed/nervous frown when i finally spoke because I had to at the cash register
at least he didn't ridicule me for being a tranny