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Femgen - 404 Edition

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We can't keep our thread alive. Who here /dying general/?

>What is a feminine male?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay or bi.
>Are feminine males trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a feminine male?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
Your choice. You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking feminine males considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.

>Androgen Discord?
>Eurofem for European fems
>archaic fem/lit af