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We've had these before but anons never bothered to make them a reoccurring thing. Having one every once in a while is fun though.

Cis butches, trans butches, doesn't matter. How about a thread for ladies who enjoy expressing themselves in masculine or androgynous manners?
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does /lgbt/ thinks she passes?
looks like a decent looking hon to me but a hon still
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/mtfg/ - Trans Woman General

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Why are trans lesbians more apt to advocate for the transition of any man off the street who claims to "want to be a girl", regardless of their gender identity history, while HSTSes tend to be more conservative with the definition of what qualifies one for transitioning?
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/femgen/ - Music edition

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Post some music you qts enjoy :3

>What is a fem?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay.
>Are fem guys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a fem?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking fems considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.

Last one: >>7688392
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Cis LesGen

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Dream Pad Edition

It's time to get out of your parent's home or your cheap rental, what's your future pad looking like when you finally make it? What would be your choice of location, number of rooms, furnishings, pets, girl(s), and other bells and whistles?

Hide, report, ignore bait.
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Parlez-vous francais? https://discord.gg/3Ry8yaE

Last thread:
>A few /clg/ seriously want the gf, most make it a low 1 priority
>Anon in Japan delivered Part 1 report on lesbian nightlife, rest to follow
>Delinquent still MIA while many other regulars showed
>Roller derby is an overlooked gay sport
>Germananon fugged a rich Austrian, who wasn't Austria-anon
>NEETs painfully honest about (lack of) benes of dating NEETS
>Lesbians set their own rules on who pays for dates
>$4500 winning gambler needs to buy us all drinks or steam games
>Older lesbians envying younger lesbians for not suffering yet
>Soul-searching on a limited travel budget
>Mcburger is still no cigs until Sept
>Being lesbian is suffering

Previously on /clg/ >>8488721
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/mtfg/ - Male to Female general

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Anyone here ever trained a slave before? Straight sadistic Dom here thinking about getting me a submissive slave woman in the future. I would love to hear any stories of the training process.
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/mtfg/ Male to Female General

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Old thread: >>3278720

Don't forget to sage.

Sorry I fucked up.
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questioning the legitimacy of transwomen who self-med?

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I was born in 1998 and as a child was (relatively) quickly inducted in medical and psychological evaluation, as initiated through a summation of observation by parents, teachers, and doctors, as well as self-advocation. And here I am now, thanks to that system that was put in place for us.

Meanwhile, there exists a sort of culture of "rejection" of the medical community by later transitioners (20s, 30s) a la the DIY, self-medding culture that's seems to prevalent here in places like /mtfg/. Wherein, there is largely a cultural rejection of the idea of trans* being a medical process, and a dissuasion of the idea of trans* having medical legitimacy by forgoing the sanctioned medical "doctor approved" process of transitioning.

I can only guess that one of the main differences between us and them is that we had to transition while they chose to.

But am I wrong?
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/HRTGen/ HRT General 034: Fixing ourselves with drugs Edition

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>Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages
>HRT related medical experiences and research
>Availability and pricing of medications
>Rational and scientific discussion

Please take the survey and help us determine the best medications, dosages, and treatment regime to get the results we want.

▶ Survey: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0
▶ Raw survey data: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶ HRTGen Data Analysis: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶ HRT Anime Girl Info Sheets: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶ Where to get meds: https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/c-88-transgender.aspx
▶ Also here: https://www.qhi.co.uk/ http://www.alldaychemist.com/
▶ Pill Identification: https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php
▶ Basic HRT info: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/gsc/assets/hormones_MTF.pdf
▶ Hormone target ranges: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
▶ TransDIY: https://www.reddit.com/r/transDIY

old thread: >>8244601
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>this is how early transitioners look like
>next to her Blaire White would look like a cavemanish linebacker Hulkhon

You jelly, /tttt/?
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/mtfg/ - male to female general

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/mtfg/ - Male to Female general

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