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JUST IN: White House set to issue official transgender ban, remove transgender servicepeople

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You may apologize to /lgbt/ in this thread white cis Drumpftards. You fucked up.
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Realtalk, when does a femboy stop being a femboy?
Plenty of femboys take estrogen to look better, but can femboys get SRS and still be considered boys? Would they be desired within the gay community post op?
Pic related, I don't remember her name but she works as a male model

SRS General. About time for a new one edition!

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SRS General! 12" neo vags abound!

NSFW Post op pics download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q28at6yat5cx8f2/SRS%20share.rar?dl=0

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Dmtnhvu

What do you know about SRS vaginas?
Are you going to get one?
Who's your favourite surgeon?
Why did you miss out on Suporn?
How much would you pay for a cis vagina?
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Trannies jailed in abu dhabi for trannyism

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Can't see an active Pass thread?
Ftm, do I have a chance?
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/HRTGen/ HRT General 045: Estrogen made me learn programing Edition

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>Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages
>HRT related medical experiences and research
>Availability and pricing of medications
>Rational and scientific discussion

Please take the survey and help us determine the best medications, dosages, and treatment regime to get the results we want.

▶ Survey: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0
▶ Raw survey data: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM
▶ HRTGen Data Analysis: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r
▶ HRT Anime Girl Info Sheets: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
▶ Where to get meds: https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/c-88-transgender.aspx
▶ Also here: https://www.qhi.co.uk/ http://www.alldaychemist.com/
▶ Pill Identification: https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php
▶ Basic HRT info: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/gsc/assets/hormones_MTF.pdf
▶ Hormone target ranges: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
▶ TransDIY: https://www.reddit.com/r/transDIY
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Is being bi becoming more common?

I'm from California and it seems like after highschool I keep hearing more and ore about kids saying there bi. I can name at least three people I would never of guessed who've come out.

im a straight guy and i have a pretty hard time of telling whose gay but these were pretty masculine seeming kids, i remember me and some of them calling each other faggots and now i almost feel bad
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/wcg/ - no effort edition

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Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy Anon, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the Pastebin, tell us about it and the Anon will (eventually) fix it. Just keep reminding him.

Old Thread:
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blair thread

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now that the dust has settled is she, dare i say it
/our girl/ ?
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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): I didn't ask for this feel edition

How tough was it to accept that you were a lezbean? Was your family pissed off about it? Were you one of the lucky ones?

Should you notice a particularly incessant shitposter, work together and exercise the ability to HIDE and REPORT.

Last time on /clg/
>Competing to see who's got the most mental illnesses
>Straight dudes can't appreciate dat vagina scent
>Girls with deep, sexy voices
>Working out is the key to owning your own ass
>Lesbians discuss the Great American Eclipse
>Nobody gives a shit what straight girls think
>Lana Del Ray is cute and talented
>Periods are Satan's curse for being so perfect
>Dreaming 'bout the perfect wife
>LDRs never work, seriously anon get out while you can

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Which sports are most likely to be accepting of "feminine looking" or effeminate male players?

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Other than men's figure skating. I put "feminine looking" in quotes in that I'm aware that women come in many shapes and sizes. What I'm referring to is male athletes who conform more to the stereotypical female appearance and/or whose outward behavior is more "effeminate"
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Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a trap top?
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What are my chances

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can hrt make my muscles and body hair go away/;???
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I straitened my hair for the first time today, and I sorta look like every emo kid from the 2000s. It's actually a lot better than my curly mop I usually have. The question I want to know is how do I get it straitened permanently? I absolutely hate my curly hair with a passion. It's also too thick but that's a lot better than the curls.