Transwomen Are Ruining The LGBT Community

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> Talks over everyone else in the LGBT community to get what they want
> Talks over and browbeats cisgender people
> Talks over ciswomen, invading their spaces and oftentimes sexually and emotionally abusing them
> Most represented on /lgbt/ but complains and insults about gay men, lesbians and transmen
> Commonly narcissistic
> Commonly physically violent
> Doesn't care about the problems of anyone else or any other community, will drive friends and family crazy by attacking them for being cis and not understanding the "struggles of dysphoria"
> Drains taxpayer money only to commit suicide post-op
> Forces people to take "transgender sensitivity" classes
> Most bitchy about pronouns
> Most bitchy about identity politics
> Complains when men want to date them ("chasers")
> Complains when men won't date them ("transphobic")
> Trend of online transwomen being pedophiles
> Trend of online transwomen getting people fired from their jobs for tweets and other insignificant bullshit
Tell me why I should respect transwomen again?
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Genderbend / Cis-Swap - Please explain the problem

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I'm gonna be frank, I don't understand the problem. I thought I'd come here and ask to try and get a better understanding. I'm honestly trying but I don't understand the problem with it other than it erases transgender communities, but then cis people aren't allowed to portray transgender anyway, so?

I don't even know if the people here think it is a problem, there's just a thing happening over at twitter

/mtfg/ - trans girl general

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/mascgen/ - Jockstrap edition

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Rule #1. You must post a pic of yourself in a jockstrap
Rule #2. No tripfagging, no namefagging;
Rule #3. Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags;
Rule #4. Report shitposters;
Rule #5: Take your politics to reddit or /pol/

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>tfw can't tell if dysphoria is from being trans or from being jealous of women
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Serious question, why do people throw around the "transgenderism is a mental illness" thing every time they talk about trans people? Where do they even get the idea? And what do they think it's going to accomplish?
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I'm a gay guy who likes guys, but I think trannies are gross and disgusting; transitional transvestites, even more.

I've always loved the human body for what it was, especially the male body, a strong sexy muscular body with a clean shaven thick penis. But when trannies mutilate their bodies and take unnatural things like hormones, it looks and feels wrong.

Is it wrong for me, as a gay man, to hate transvestites, or do we all have to stay on the same boat? If you like guys as a guy (or women to women), why mutilate your body?
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/mascgen/ - Masc Asian/Unicorns General

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because panda's are cute
old: >>8575286

Rule #1. No tripfagging, no namefagging;
Rule #2. Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags;
Rule #3. Report shitposters;
Rule #4: Take your politics to reddit or /pol/
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CIS White Male

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>tfw White looking Cis male
>tfw tall
>tfw High IQ
>Hard-working and ambitious
>Commie brainwashing propaganda never got to me
>I never bitch about problems
>I take care of my shit like a real man
>Women flock to me because they love my dominant nature
>I'll never have to be a mentally ill homo, lesbian or autistic retard who thinks you can swap genders on the fly due to made up problems
Is there a better feeling than being a real man who knows his place on Earth and takes the cold harshness of life head on, instead of hiding away behind delusions? I know not.

I was blessed.
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Why do people treat mtf as punching bags?

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How does it feel to be the butt of insults and everyone's joke?

Trans Help General #145

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This is the Trans Help General thread. We'll try to help you here with everything related to being transgender.
This includes questioning, appearance, daily trans problems, medical info, general info and other interesting stuff to name a few.

MTF, FTM and questioning people are all welcome here to help eachother and discuss possible solutions.

You can also share your transgender related stories here. Just came out? Or you just need to get something off your chest?
Maybe something wonderful happened today! We'll be glad to hear it, it's always good to know we're not going through this alone.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff:
Lots of useful links about/for transgender people:
Transgender FAQ:
Am i trans/ trans help threads archive:

sort by transsexual issues

What will hormones do?

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Cis LesGen

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Friends Edition

What are your friends like in real life and online? What do you for fun together?

How many of them are lesbians? If you have both RL and online friends, are they similar or different and do they perceive you differently?

Hide, report, ignore bait.
Parlez-vous francais?

Last thread:
>Average /clg/er is in her 20s, wants to date around their age or a little older, has a wide range in vidya tastes and rap-lyric level of personal philosophy
>GoT dinner and the virtues of shitpost doodling
>"the goal should be to entertain yourself, if someone else is entertained that's a bonus"
>Momma issues and resisting the donut
>If you're free for three months, why not go surfing in Spain
>Anons want to know what happened to HEMA anon
>Multi-pet ownerships and waterfront proposal
>Friendly reminder not to mistaken this Burmese grasshopper-breeding forum for a hugbox and that Kek is still a shit

Previously on /clg/ >>8622733
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/gaygen/ Gay General: Hunky Bara's Edition

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/agpg/ - AGP General

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Day at the Pool Edition

>AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feelings / emotions
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out

>What is AGP?
Autogynephilia, from Greek αὐτό- ("self"), γυνή ("woman") and φιλία ("love")
Broadly, arousal to the thought of being a woman. It can take many forms - being aroused at imagining or seeing yourself with a female body, dressing in clothes that make you appear feminine, acting in stereotypical "feminine" ways, or others.

>Isn't AGP just discredited pseudoscience?
No, AGP is a real phenomenon. Some people disagree with Blanchard's Typology, which included AGP, but that people experience AGP is indisputable.

>I'm AGP, does this mean I'm not trans?
No, you can be AGP and trans.

>Aren't you all just trannies in denial?
Many AGPs do have at least some dysphoria. Some people with AGP will go on to transition, while others are content with incorporating it into their sex life or simply the occasional indulgence. It varies greatly in intensity. If AGP consumes a lot of your mental energy or causes you lots of distress, it is probably worth asking more questions.

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