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Are you angry for being trans?

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Cis LesGen

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Weekend Edition

Again it's the weekend so don't expect the regular crop of anons. It'll probably be bored shitposters so be prepared. My gf joked that I should set up a patreon so I'm not doing it FOR FREE. Heh.

Here are a list of filters via pastebin. They help by removing typical bait. Please use them during raids.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord pastebin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list:

Recent News
>More immigrants to our land of lesbians
>Burgerbonganon corners the girl that does her pube waxing and asks her out. That poor girl agreed. But it's a bishit so pump and dump.
>Does anyone here hold their own hand and pretend they have a girlfriend holding it?
>Woman gets a nape undercut but doesn't show us
>German is mistaken for a model again. She's still a shameless slut.
>Anon kinda gets a girlfriend, she likes her a lot

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Is it possible to turn your twinkhonbod into a womanbod?
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/mtfg/ - Male to Female General-

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This time with less tripfags and general faggotry.

AnCap edition.

>Informed consent providers:
>[link violated the NAP]
>• Makeup for beginners:
>• Male vs Female measurement data:
>• Correct hormone levels:
>• Checking your levels:
>• Size charts:
>• Transition time lines:
>• Voice Training:
>• Voice Help:
>• IRC:
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>"oh cool a gay board"
>women post on it
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>tfw only child
>tfw son
>tfw i am embarrassing my ancestors by not having more sons and instead turning myself into an estrogenized boi with conetits
Wew lad
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Is it possible for a straight girl to become a lesbian if she despises men?

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Asking for a friend.
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How do you get over the shame of being trans?

I feel like I've completely failed my parents.
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Today's the day! Are you ready?

Who else is disappointed as fuck about the returning queen's identity?

And how do you feel about a transgender woman finally competing on the show?
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Could this post have a hint of truth behind it?
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I have this militant transwoman on my facebook who keeps posting shit like this which I don't mind but it's the constant implication that POC trans people are getting murdered because of racism when evidence shows that a number of the trans people killed in 2016 were actually killed by black men. It's annoying me that I can't point this out without being dubbed a racist and I'm fearful that POC trans people will continue to die because people would rather peddle "white people are racist" rather than deal with transphobia within these communities.
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/mtfg/ trans female generally mostly

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Sex work

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<--- attached image is a tranny hooker

Help me, /lgbt/

I'm a cute little passing trans girl. I'm gonna start college soon, but due to the stress of dealing with unaccepting parents, my academics were lackluster and so I got no scholarships. I'm looking at a $46,000 tuition here, which will be a nightmare even if I can get some $1000 scholarships here and there.

My parents are trying to become more accepting and homelife should be easy enough to allow me to excel in first semester, but this damn system is designed to shower high school stellar performers with money, while neglecting late bloomers who perform better in college.

Since I'm a cute little pretty trans girl, do you think I could take up sex work, as the stereotype goes? Are those stories of old men clients paying $1000 for one night realistic?
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>be me
>pre-op mtf
>college student
>really cute guy in my arts class
>talk to him
>we share familiar interests
>chat with him everyday
>we exchange numbers
>suddenly some cis bitches tell him i am trans
>he avoids me
>doesn't responds to my text
>received one text that said
>'please don't bother me anymore, i have a girlfriend'
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Have any of you ever felt scary suicidal due to being legit unable to pass/blend in but then miraculously managed to find happiness and a reason to live? Or are some suicides inevitable due to being too susceptible to dysphoria+depression? I feel like this downward spiral is the beginning of the end. its just that i love my mom and if i kill myself she will eat herself to death