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/mtfg/ Transgirl General

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/femgen/ - Cross-sex HRT Research Edition

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>inb4 the pituitary gland looks like a pair of testes

Please discuss the matters of cross-sex for FtM femboys, alternative SERMs, and creating the /femgen/ cross-sex HRT wiki. Creating it would be useful for advancing our information on our bizarre cross-sex HRT regimens.

>What is a fem?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Most are gay.
>Are fem guys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
>Can I be a fem?
It's possible. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
>Should I go on HRT?
You'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man. There's more info in the pastebin.
>Is liking fems considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.

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Is letting a Child transition child abuse?
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Will late transitioners and non-passers finally be written out of trans advocacy due to the advent of childhood transitioning and early transitioner activists? Is this ultimately a good thing?
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Being trans is not (always) a mental illness

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Ok so walk me through this

I was born with a penis and testes and people called that being male and treated me based on cultural standards that perpetuate a certain type of personality/appearance

As I learned more about the societal sex/gender dichotomy I realized that I like a lot of the things that people designated females are normally allowed and expected to do, and that the sort of people I am attracted to find the female form to be sexy to them

Because of a combination of these factors, I realized that I would prefer to appear more like a feminine and have the physical effects that estrogen provides over testosterone. Therefore I decided to go on HRT

I was never depressed, or suicidal, or particularly anxious about appearing more masculine, I didn't hate being a male, in fact in many regards I enjoyed it. I don't necessarily want to be a female either because that brings problems as well, I just want to appear in a particular way that hormones help to cause.

I never really felt bad over any of this.

So how exactly can anyone claim that I am mentally ill?

Having a preference for appearance does not constitute mental illness, it's only the case if there are associated negative feelings that cause a detrimental effect on your life. For example, being a bodybuilder and wanting to change your body to appear more masculine is not a mental illness, it's only a problem if taken to the extreme where negative effects appear at a level that is detrimental to daily life, i.e. muscle dysmorphia
So tell me /lgbt/, can you be trans and not be mentally ill? did what I do even constitute as me being trans? Let me know what you think
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Happy Gays. c=

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Shouldn't we be seeing more gay with a smile on their face i mean look at this happy gay.
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So I'm bisexual, and my parents believe that's not a real sexual identity.
How do I come out to them?
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/bigen/ - Best of Both Worlds Edition

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The B in LGBT is often underepresented and often times bullied by other members of the community for being not entirely gay or because every clingy fag gets dropped because a bisexual person usually feels the call to reproduce.

Ideally and in my opinion, I would love to have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time, but thanks to the effect of many people putting monogamy on a pedestal, this is our burden.

Bisexuals of both genders, tell me your war stories and share them with others. We may also discuss politics, but try to limit the discussion to the politics within LGBT community.

Bisexual women, would you agree to a relationship with a bisexual man on the condition that both of you were allowed to have sex with others of the same sex? The sentiment to this question is that you both could only have hetero sex together, as male and female.

My war story:
>am conservative domtop
>bring submissive boytoy home
>He's "With Her"
>Go full /pol/ despite that
>He takes this iron cock anyway
>It becomes his new kink
>Made His Body Great Again
>But I refuse to commit
>He silently distances himself
>Find out later that he knew I wanted a woman
>Didn't mean I didn't love him

Am I horrible?
Non-flamboyant gays welcome
Lesbians welcome
Transgenders welcome
Femboys especially welcome

>Clingy bottoms not welcome
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Cis LesGen

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Film Edition

Oscars just happened right? Let's discuss lesbians on the big screen.

There are a list of filters via pastebin. They help by removing typical bait. Please use them in emergency like a raid.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord pastebin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list:

Recent News
>A lot of girls met their gfs through the internet, 4chan even.
>Bunny wearing a backpack!!
>The taste of straight girl pee?
>/Depression General/ but we're stronger together, and we're in it together lass
>Pancake is a sloot
>did I fucking asked you, bitches?
>If she uses emojis - she wants to fuck
>Ain't got time for no bishit ho
>/OUR GAL/ makes a reappearance. She's close to scoring and it's cute.
>tfw I will never die honorably while defending her from cops
>Tea snobs
>Messy room but at least she got her nails done

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Is it actually possible for your gender identity to change later in childhood, or later in life in general?

pic related
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Are we entirely sure we can't cure the gay?
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>family gathering
>everyone starts talking about how they would send homos to concentration camps
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Why its not ok to be gay

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Its not ok to be gay you fucking weirdos kill yourselves with your cancerous genders. fucking retards you all deserve to die.
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I really don't get the bathroom thing in the US.

How does it stop any rapist to just open the door and rape people? I get that there might be a handful of cunning ones that use disguises, but in general there isn't a ton of security in bathrooms. If you want to enter and rape someone, or hide in a stall and peep on people for a relaxing break, there is no magic force shield to stop you. And if a gay dude wants to enter the boy's bathroom and rape someone, it's still illegal as far as I know, even if he is wearing a full tuxedo.

I just don't get this debate.
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/wcg/ - lewd shota arms race edition

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Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy Anon, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the Pastebin, tell us about it and the Anon will (eventually) fix it. Just keep reminding him.

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