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Why do bitter hons want to ruin young men's lives?
They are clearly not happy themselves, yet they pressure other guys into transition, while saying that it's the best thing ever.
Don't you feel guilty for pushing young guys down this slippery slope of self-destruction?
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bimbos and bimbofication

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Why argue about being a "real girl" when you can be fake as fuck?

>TFW you will never have another money to afford the surgeries necessary to achieve your dream of being one half of a transbian bimbo couple.
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FFS - /Facial Feminisation Surgery General/

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Post all FFS topics, queries, questions and related material in this thread.

>What is FFS
lmao like you dont know
>How much does FFS cost?
>good surgeons?
Facial team, deschampes-braly, (((spiegal)))
>How can i afford it?

seriously though, requesting an anon from a thread a few weeks back who discussed maxillofacial surgery as well as CVV rotation - please come to this thread anon
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Profile of Blanchard Poster's

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Why is it that most people that buy into Blanchard's typology seem to fall in the "agp" cluster and use Blanchard's ideas as justification for repressing / a means to delegitimize their "trans identity?"

Are there any other commonalities / traits shared by people that support Blanchard's outdated and regressive typology? (The typology also seems popular for obvious reasons among TERF's and people sympathetic towards TERF adjacent ideas.)
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/mtfg/ - The house of villainous transwomen

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trannies, how many of your lives would have been so much better had your parents been supportive?

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But instead they shunned and despised you? Do you hate them? I remember 1 mtf posted that her parent spent 40k to 50k on her sisters wedding instead of helping her

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>be straight
>gf is preop trans
>penis still works
>rarely get her to cum from anal
>have to finish her off with my hands
>she then wanted blowjobs
> thanks
>huge fight, crying, screaming, throwing shit at me
>give in
>don't really like it but put up with it because I love her
>now she wants anal
>absolutely not
>another fight and hurr durr you don't really love me
>now she's giving me the silent treatment

Three things:
1. Any recommendations on how to get her to cum from anal so she doesn't need anything else to get off?
2. How the hell is her dick still working while on hormones? Is there a way to shrink them or her desire to get off?
3. If, and a big if, I agree to anal how do I prepare. Literally nothing has been in my butt.
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Lets do a little info collecting, /lgbt/. It might helps us find friends or some shit.

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Cis LesGen

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Getting Serious Edition

On a scale of 1 (stay at home and only daydream) to 10 (will literally move mountains), how serious are you about getting a gf? Or if you have a girl, how serious are you about making it work?

How's your weekend going?

Hide, report, ignore bait.
Filter list:
Parlez-vous francais?

Last thread:
>/clg/ prefers answering bonus questions about music, games and dating red flags
>Long-haired anons put their hair up
>Anons are thirsty but still have standards (kinda)
>"We're a goddamn small minority so Goddess help us find a partner inside a minority of a minority."
>Given a choice, anons mostly prefer to change their body type
>Fencing anon will provide quality footage of her ass getting kicked
>Femme/femmes exist but are usually invisible
>Lots of different /clg/ crushes, more curiosity than lustful
>/x/ anon still haunted by imaginary gf
>Peeps suffers bed death

Still waiting on:
>Anon in Japan's report on lesbian nightlife
>Delinquent's report on yankee comic yuri

Previously on /clg/ >>8482442
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does LGBT have waifus/husbandos? If yes, post their pic, your gender and orientation. Also, why you chose them.

> gender: female
> orientation: bisexual
> why: it's DIO.

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any non-binary folks out there? feel so alone in the world. there are so many LGBT people who don't think i'm valid... it hurts
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feminine penis

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Hey /lgbt/,
Can you explain what a so-called "feminine penis" is?
I see this phrase everywhere, but what is it actually?

Just an MtF's penis? A little cute penis? Something else?

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Why do I still come here?
I pass, I have a boyfriend, great friends and a job that actually makes me happy.
So why the fuck to I still come here to talk to you miserable degenerates pretty much every day.
I get into hour long arguments when I shouldn't even care what your lowlife shits think.
But here I am yet again... Please someone ban me for life or something.
I really don't enjoy being here but I can't stay away for a reason that I just can't figure out.
This place is so much worse than dysphoria...
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Why a lot of Transgirls can program?

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I'm both trans and a programmer, most of my trans friends are into coding or obsessed with technology, why is that?
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