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/mtfg/: Male to Fearful General

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I'm straight. I have a question about gays, though. How do gay couples determine whose last name they take on marrying?
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guess other's gender and sexuality based on their phone screens
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Why should regular people who happen to be attracted to the same sex have to be lumped together with LARPing transsexuals? It's ridiculous and makes people not take us seriously. On top of that they're all massive creeps.
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>found a perfect potential bf on /tttt/
>talk to him for weeks over email
>can't believe how perfect he is, too good to be true
>his letters are rare, but they are all I'm waiting for, literally ruined my sleeping schedule, forgot about everything else in my life
>suddenly he starts rping in one of the letters
>I try to ignore it initially, but he continues and I says it's "gross"
>today I open inbox as usual to find a letter stating "it's over"
I can not believe I fucked up this badly. I can not believe that I actually fell in love with a text. I can not believe I feel so heartbroken I can not even sleep (it's morning right now). Maybe it was RP all along. Maybe I indeed fucked up my dream. I don't know.
But what I do know is that my self-hatred is now even more intense. I never had any serious relationship, but I don't think I'll be able to commit myself to someone else for another year at the very least. It hurts so much that I want to just jump out of the window that is so close to me. Perhaps it is my destiny to die alone after all.

Do the majority of mtfs do porn, cam or escort at some point?

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Sexual Abuse Meme question

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> tomboy AFAB kid gets sexually abused by a woman
> kid grows up distrustful of women
> poor relationships with girls
> kinship with boys instead
> kid is never in female-female relationships despite claiming to be gay
> kid transitions to male later in life
> newly minted FTM avoids women
> FTM only feels comfortable with men
> FTM feels irrational fear about being with women, but not because of personal inadequacy
> FTM wonders if disgust towards the femaleness in self and others is born out of disgust towards a childhood abuser

How plausible is this? I'm serious.
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do you like pain?
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>tfw u wanna cuddle with a cute boy and love him but your an ugly piece of shit

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It sucks to be among the top five biggest hons on this board.
>narrowest part of ribcage wider than Iliac crests creating permanent and unfixable Adonis belt
>all measurements except for one or two androg ones are solidly within male range
And seeing every tiny early transitioner on this board who gets hip growth or even fucking has naturally wider hips makes me want to shoot myself. Hrt is a meme if you start in your 20s and aren't basically passing when you start. Every time I hear "oh you can be fine... Unless you're like 6 feet or something LOL" or "hrt is soooo amazing!! Oh I started at 17 btw" or "my hips hurt soooo bad" or "oh wow anon I'm sorry, if I was as bad as you I'd probably kill myself haha" or "hehe I can't really fit in guy jeans anymore :3" or "I have one measurement slightly out of female range I'm such a hon! I know just how you feel anon!" I want to blow my goddamn head off but I would even fail at that shit and become a semi aware vegetable not to mention the crippling fear of non-existence cursed on me by fucking survival instinct. It's like being in a permanently burning building with the fire just hot enough to torture you but just cool enough not to make you jump out the window. I don't even get jealous of cis girls anymore just passing trans girls. Hrt is a meme, if you actually have dysphoria and start too late or have bad genetics it's all over, you might as well not even try and instead put yourself in risky situations hoping you'll die in an accident or just shoot up heroin and hopefully get the guts to do it yourself
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Fellow chasers

We shall also gather and discuss shit relevant to our interests.

We will no longer be silenced!

Some random questions to kick off discussion:

>Which dating app do you use to hunt? Grindr is fucked and Tinder is cis territory, is OKC really the only option left for us?
>Do you put pineapple on your pepperoni pizza?
>Know of any trans heavy discord servers that could use some of us? Link them here!
>How goes your lifting? Are you /fit/ yet or are you still working on it?
>Those of you blessed with qt tgfs, share tips on how to make them happy or tell us what to avoid doing (stuff like bringing up any controversial subjects etc)?
>Have you been in a relationship with a tgf? How was it?
>What's your kind of girl?

To girls:

>Any tips on what you look for in a man?
>What's your kind of guy?
>Have you had a bf? How was it?
>Favorite animal?
>Why do you put pineapple in pizza?
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Cis Lesbian General - /clg/

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Deader than week old roadkill edition


Work together to ignore, hide, and report bait to the cops.

>The news is dead.
>The previous thread is dead.
>But not as dead as you are when >tfwnogf
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Personally I'm more comfortable with people undergoing transition for gratification of a fetish than I am with people undergoing transition because they have dysphoria. But that's because I believe dysphoria is a legitimate and serious disorder, and I don't think people with legitimate and serious mental disorders should be given plastic surgery to comply with their disordered thinking.

Compare it to some other form of body mod, like, say, boob implants. If a person wants boob implants because they find them sexy, that's a cosmetic choice that they are making for cosmetic reasons. If a person wants boob implants because their diagnosed BDD causes them to obsess over their chest and become suicidally depressed about it, it would be unethical for any plastic surgeon to take them on as a patient.
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I wish it was acid
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