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What program do you use to draw?
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ITT: we try to color and shade things without using blend or blur tools. full opacity only.

behold my feeble attempt
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Help me I'm trying to make a cute face but with every line I make it gets more and more horrid
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Send me stick figure girl and I'll turn them into a less shitty drawing
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Let´s draw video games

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Post requests here. I will complete one request a day. First come first serve. Images may also be posted on my doodle page if I happen to like how they turn out.

The only consistent drawing I've been doing is this thread >>492985. I am notoriously lazy and a big procrastinator. Quality may vary drastically between requests.
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Krita > CSP > Sai
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I want to draw!

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I want to practice anons!

I'm taking every kind of request, lewds, gore, cute, pin ups, portrait, fetish, boring, cute again, pin ups etc, I want to be out of my comfort zone

Except furries and fetishes I don't like, fuck that shit
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Let's draw Sanic Hegehog.

Not the regular Sonic the hedgehog.

There is no single way to draw it, to each his own way.

Let your autism run free.
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I draw stuff for you...(SFW only)

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Wassup /i/,
Bring your SFW requests,I'm in a drawing mood today...
(NSFW or too stupid need not apply)
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give me stuff to draw.
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Senran Kagura Drawing Thread

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ITT: We draw senrans!

Every character from the Senran Kagura series is welcome!

Post your drawings, old or new.
You can use the drawing option here too.

Current /skg/ thread: >>>/vg/skg
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