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ITT: good drawings, shitty software (MS PAINT)
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post your waifu and i will draw a beard on her
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Stick Figure Redraw Thread

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Continuing from >>494595
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ITT: All request will be drawn. More or less satisfactory.
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New one since the last is autosaging.

ARTISTS: Post a sample of your stuff, and any rules or conditions.
REQUESTERS: Reply with requests.

REQUESTERS: Post requests.
ARTISTS: Reply with request claim/delivery.

Also feel free to chime in with suggestions and votes for themed request threads.

Remember to have fun and thank the artists.
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I got these things to dump
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I have zero skill and paint at my disposal, if you want something drawn very badly then hit me up. No request turned down.
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give her a face /i/
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Same rules as before,
post your OC's, tell us about them, and draw other people's OC's (completely optional though)

Old thread has hit bump limit >>504034
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Draw a character from the last anime you watched
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NSFW dump thread

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This is a thread for deliveries for the NSFW requests submitted in /a/, /co/, /v/ and any other request centered drawthreads on other boards. In light of the increased moderation on the SFW boards, the goal of this thread is to provide a safe space for artists to post NSFW material from other threads.

Previous: >>505640
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Draw A Superhero

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ITT: We roll a superpower and draw a superhero or villain around that power
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Is there a specific name for drawings in this kind of pixelated brush style? How can one achieve this look?
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random girls

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commissions welcome as long as they're not too /b, since i won't be any good.
not very good anyway but i'll be around for a couple of hours
other artists welcome to contribute
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