Tell and draw

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I am accepting requests. I have no problems drawing meme cancer, animoos and pones.
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The OC Thread #6: Back to the Oekaki

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Post your OC's, tell us about them, and draw other people's OC's

Old thread: >>501848
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the king has issued a call to arms

roll your class and draw your character
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10 years of reibear
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Yunocchi Draw Thread

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Follow the instructions and post your drawings!
No bully allowed.
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What software do you guys use to draw?
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ITT: We draw autistic girls
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did i git gud yet?
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Redraw/Recolour Dana Swallowcum

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How good are you at drawing perspective?
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drop doodles
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The girl fell to her knees and could not move, try as she might. The dresser at the side of the room also started to inch closer towards the maid with glasses. "hmm, a malfunctioning collar I see. stay there while I retrieve a replacement."
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