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Fate Girls

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Idolmaster Thread #3

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Chihaya edition
Last thread went exceptionally well, lets try to fill this one up just as quick.
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Ima leave this here...

Boobs, jugs,

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Let's begin some big boobs thread, it's pretty simple but never get tired of it, any size, any cup
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Paizuri invitation

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Clothes or poses inviting you in.
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Eternal DoA Thread - Dead or Alive

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Links: - MEGA - Images and videos

The game is free on Steam. Download it and here's everything else you'll need:!suw2SJjT!OIk1x_zVtIFnvKVksfHH6w

Old thread hit image limit: >>2109468
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Shinmai thread

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Overall series information: (authors blog)

Anime information: Season 1 and Season 2 are both online and uncensored (please support the upcoming NA release of the anime)

Manga information:Shinmai Maou No Keiyakusha(licensed/ ended with volume 9)
Shinmai Maou No Arashi (licensed/ended w/ 5 volumes total)

Light Novel information: 10 volumes are currently available. Volume 11 release date TBD
Light novel volumes 1-6 can be found in english on Baka Tsuki, volume 7 is currently being translated.
Crowdfund is currently working on content from volumes 8,9,10, and the side stories

Side stories: Shinmai Maou Light! and Sweet! are both available. EX 1 is on Baka-Tsuki. EX2 was packaged with Burst BD1.

Information on the crowdfund project can be found at or The main focus is finishing up volume 9. Once volume 9 is finished we'll begin working on volume 10. I recommend reading the funding FAQ. Email me if you have additional questions.

Since Arashi has been licensed we've dropped translations for volumes 4 and 5. If you're interested in the finished version of volume 3 send me an email and I'll be happy to send you the link.

Feel free to talk about whatever you want regarding the series while we wait for volume 11's release. Please try to keep things civil if possible.
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old thread here >>2084333 and we shall again enjoy huge tits.
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Pubic hair appreciation thread

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We seem to have lost the last thread dedicated to ladies and their pubic hair, and that's a true shame. This thread is for pubes of all types, NOT armpit hair and other such /d/ variants. Since I no longer see the manga nudity thread, either, maybe we could make that the emphasis of this edition?
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Fap to image below

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Add instructions if you're keen
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I have weird fetish. I like it when women shiver with cold and when they rubbing for warmth while naked or wear summer clothes in winter. Thanks everyone who posts it.
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Manga Nudity

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This thread is for nudity in serialized manga that is not hentai.

Posting source is encouraged but not necessary

(To Love Ru Darkness)
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League Of Legends Thread

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Your best quality NSFW League pics
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Recent things #43

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Previous thread >>2090149
This is a thread for new content recently posted at the original source.
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Crop Tops/Belly Shirts

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If the purpose of a shirt is to keep your chest covered, why cover up the midriff, too? Let's make a fashion statement. Loose or tight, underboob-length or navel-length, and everything in between. This means no lifting otherwise full-length shirts, no bras or bikini tops, and no bare chests. All bottoms are fair game.
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