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>If this bothers you or you have a better solution, please post in /dev/. - Blade

I don't know about other boards, but I don't mind manually deleting the spam from /u/'s ghost archive if you want to just enable ghost posting there.
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Can I get janitor status, please?
I would like to remove the pages of Viagra spam from the /u/ ghost archives.
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What is the email address to contact for a dox removal? I would greatly appreciate the help from the admin. Thank you so much.

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Why don't you just rent directly from OVH or Leaseweb instead of paying the middleman jew (Feral Hosting)?

Even a cheap dedicated will solve your SSL problem. (>>75)
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Contact with admins?

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Hi, I'm wondering if there's an email or something I could reach the admins on this site on? I'm kind of in a tight spot due to the archiving itself and I'd really like to talk to one of the admins in private, since its kind of sensitive and a special case. Thanks in advance!

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where da stats at

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Gib properly configured SSL cert

Can I forward my full_image to your full images?

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I'm the administrator of and I archive the entire 4chan.
I aim at primary thumbnails, with the exception of gd, po and qst since they are small and no one else archives them with foolfuuka&asagi.

My question is, may I link to your full images? More precisely, your /d/, /lgbt/, /t/ and /u/ boards. c and e are covered already by nyafuu.
I've already spoken with VoH and 4plebs and they allowed me to do it.
Thumbnails will be loaded from my site, but when a user clicks on a thumb it will be redirected to your archive.

I have a discussion about it here -

As a companionship I can offer you any help whatsoever that you'd require or even offer you a financial donation to help you cover your hosting bills.