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State of the Site 2017

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Since we're approaching our 4 year anniversary, I wanted to share a few things I have planned over the next week or so.

We're approaching high HDD usage (above 80%), so we'll begin purging full images that are a certain age on certain boards. The first target will be /lgbt/, and I will make sure to give at least a weeks notice for people to archive this stuff before I pull the trigger.

Ideally we will not have to purge /d/ or /i/ for the foreseeable future but if it does happen I will let you guys know. Obviously this is something I want to avoid.

Next up is HTTPS. Lots of you guys have been asking, and I plan to work on it soon. There seem to be mixed feelings on Cloudflare, but it seems like the easiest solution for me personally. If you have a better suggestion or just really hate Cloudflare, let me know.

I'll be re-adding the donation link at some point if people are still interested. As always funds will only go towards paying for the server. Ideally donations will never make or break the server, but it is always appreciated.

I will be opening more volunteer moderator positions if people are interested and I'll have more info on that in the coming weeks.

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>If this bothers you or you have a better solution, please post in /dev/. - Blade

I don't know about other boards, but I don't mind manually deleting the spam from /u/'s ghost archive if you want to just enable ghost posting there.
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Can I get janitor status, please?
I would like to remove the pages of Viagra spam from the /u/ ghost archives.

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What is the email address to contact for a dox removal? I would greatly appreciate the help from the admin. Thank you so much.

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Why don't you just rent directly from OVH or Leaseweb instead of paying the middleman jew (Feral Hosting)?

Even a cheap dedicated will solve your SSL problem. (>>75)
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Contact with admins?

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Hi, I'm wondering if there's an email or something I could reach the admins on this site on? I'm kind of in a tight spot due to the archiving itself and I'd really like to talk to one of the admins in private, since its kind of sensitive and a special case. Thanks in advance!

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where da stats at