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Sorry for the downtime, no data was lost.

Updates on Disk Usage and Funding

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Hey everyone, just a few updates.

We are approaching 95% disk usage. I've been putting this off for awhile, but we will begin culling full images in two weeks from today. (Expect it around the 23rd, but plans could change.)

Any full image older than 365 days at the time of the purge on /lgbt/ will be removed. Thumbs will remain obviously, but any full images older than September 23rd, 2016 will no longer be accessible on Love is Over.

Any other full images will remain for the time being, but the disk usage will have to be rechecked in the following months.

In slightly related news, I am currently opening a Patreon for people that want to support the site's server costs. We have been hosted on three different servers since 2014, this server is slightly less expensive than the first and more expensive than the second. Nonetheless, after paying it for some many years, along with domain renewal fees, it does start to take its toll on a lone college student. There have been several instances this year where I've had to buckle down to keep this server going. I hope we will have no more problems, but that's life so if you want to help with a sort of safety net for the content that gets hosted on this site you can go to for all the details. There's a couple little bonuses for Patreon that are just little shoutouts, but nonetheless its something.

As always any money accrued through Patreon will only be used on the server, same as when our Paypal was active. I am no longer using Paypal due to lacking a business account, but if you have alternative payment methods you'd be interested in seeing, you can shoot me a message at . Direct any other questions there if you have them. See ya around.


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this is harrasing the artsit who no longer trace and moved a long way from this but still get harrased using this link against him, remove it please

Downloading an entire board's archive

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I got the space, how do I download an entire boards archive?

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Can a mod please tell me why ghosts posts in this thread are being deleted.

I assume others are being deleted as well. But something is clearly messed up. Because if you look at the catalog for ghost threads, you see no posts replying to the crack name spamming.
But if you open the thread, replies are still there.

Can you please tell me what's going on, because I have no idea.
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