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Sorry for the downtime, no data was lost.

Truly ancient posts

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Is there any archive of pre-2013 threads? I'm hunting for really old material from /d/ which no longer seems to exist and I'm wondering if the data is rolling off forever from the back end of the site or if there's an archival backup for the elder threads.
Any info you wonderful individuals could provide would be appreciated.

a little help?

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i wish to take down a thread, and would like to get in contact with whoever handles that.

i found an email address in an earlier thread with a similar request and sent an email to the address in question and haven't gotten a response least 2 weeks ago maybe?
is there any other email i can contact? or was that the only one?
was my leg pulled? was i bamboozled?
if anyone could help it would be much appreciated, thank you.


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this is harrasing the artsit who no longer trace and moved a long way from this but still get harrased using this link against him, remove it please

Downloading an entire board's archive

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I got the space, how do I download an entire boards archive?

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Can a mod please tell me why ghosts posts in this thread are being deleted.

I assume others are being deleted as well. But something is clearly messed up. Because if you look at the catalog for ghost threads, you see no posts replying to the crack name spamming.
But if you open the thread, replies are still there.

Can you please tell me what's going on, because I have no idea.
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