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I am intrigued by the idea of a sort of monstergirl virus - basically, a contagious condition that transforms one into a horny and extremely attractive monstergirl/boy (like a succubus/incubus) and spreads through sex. Think zombie apocalypse but more glamorous.

Is anyone else into this? Does anyone know any good stories or comics that feature that kind of thing, with detailed transformations and all?

Mouth stretching

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I want this to be a thing.
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Small Penis Humiliation

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New thread. Seems like there is a shortage of material, so lets allow implied sph or cuck stuff also.

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old thread
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Unaware Edition!

(Board fell off - loveisover: 5589132
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Hello /d/. I had this on my hard drive several years ago but then deleted it. I forgot what it was called so I couldn't find it on the internet again. I searched my windows backup files and ended up finding it, but was missing a few pages. Then a year later, today, I thought for the first time to just google the damn name.

So to celebrate, commencing dump.
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Hypnosis Thread

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Let's get a hypnosis thread going

Also, looking for a hypnotist willing to try and work with me
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Monstergirl Thread #33: Big Ass Spider Edition

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Same rules as usual: Post cute monster girls, talk about cute monster girls, write stories about cute monstergirls. Especially cute spoder girls.

No futa or traps please.

Previous Thread: >>7604733
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SSBBW/BBW/Fat thread

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Previous thread:
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Women pregnant with monsters

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I wish I had more pics, I just realized this fetish. Help me fill the folder?
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Latex Thread Number. na

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Alt. Title: Where the fuck has this been for weeks?
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Looking for lost fetish board

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I'm looking for a lost fetish board, went by the name "shanachan" or some shit. I usually found it by searching "mummification hentai bondage" in google, but it no longer shows up. Hoping you guys knew what happened to it/ have a similar board. Thanks.
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Futanari TF

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Preferably forced tf girl to futa---no boys allowed!
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Possession Thread: Rave in the Grave Edition

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Last thread died, so let's start the new thread right with some new Rhaokja.
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