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/d/ Game Thread

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Elfie edition.

Please don't roll, use this for numbers:

Staring with one of my favorites

Old thread: >>7274525

>For those who want to make their own
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SPH/Penis Shrinking Thread: Put em on, sissy! Edition

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Let's talk about tiny dicks and why it's so much fun to tease people who have them.
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CYOA thread: Ass Rape Edition

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LAST BREAD: >>7268686

No rolling faggots, if you're a scrub and don't own a full set of dice for fapping reasons, use
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GFD/RR Gentle femdom thread

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Role-Reversal and Gentle Femdom General

>related hentai
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>doujinshi recommendations
>anime/manga recommendations
>preferably recommendations that are on-topic

>What is Role Reversal?

New Map:
Old Role Reversal Map:

FetLife Group

irc channel: , #gfd

/rr/ and /gfd/ megapastebins:

New doujin list

GFD masterpost

GFD discord

8ch board (allows 3DPD):
http://8ch net/gfd/
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/c&d/ - Censored & Denial General

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OLD THREAD: >>7251530

>Post intentionally censored images.
>No female nudity.
>Requests with nudity should be linked.
>Censor your favorite images, and even your waifu if you dare.
>Have fun!
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Realistic dick size futanaris

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Futanaris with realistic penis sizes.
>They can have vaginas, balls, vaginas and balls under their normal sized penises but:
>Extra points if they have only classic penis and testicles.
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/onara/ - Gas General

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Thread for farts and burps. Though, mostly farts.
>No furry, vomit, slob or poop.
>Be kind.
>Try not to post art that isn't of decent quality.
>Happy fapping!
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/d/ Captions

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Post /d/-related Captions.
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/d/eviant Voice Thread

When it's too hot for /h/ and /soc/, you can always count on /d/ to fulfill your Deep Dark Fantasies. This thread is for /d/ related audio.

If you'd like to do recordings and not sure what you can do, give us a sample of your work/voice on websites like and if someone likes it, they may have a request for you.

If you have a request, know that currently we don't have too many voicefags yet, so your request might not be answered for a few days.
Please have a script, caption, or other text you would like to have read, most people may not be able to come up with them on their own so it's best you bring your own. Asking for improv is allowed, just know most performers might not have a desire to do it.

Please keep critiques fair and constructive. We all want to get off here, so the better we can make a recording, the more people we can get off.

We are also trying to grow a community for this topic, as well as other /d/ related art (Writing and Drawing) that supplements the audio. Our discord is so check it out if you are interested. Let the admin or a mod know what sort of art you do, that way if someone is looking for a certain kind of artist, they can just @ the group.

>old thread
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Breast Expansion Thread

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Previous thread: >>7221893
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FtM thread?

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Pic below is the new you

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last thread died, anything thats fart related works.
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Hyper-Pregnancy Thread

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For pregnancy content on the more enormous end of the scale.
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/efg/: Erotic Fiction General

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This is the go-to place to discuss (and produce) erotic fiction of all types, from the fap-and-go fics to porn with a substantial plot. Drawfags are also welcome- illustrated stories are the best ones! For drawing requests also check out the /d/raw thread:

Writefags, consider pastebin/titanpad rather than dumping for your stories. You can also use 1d4chan for /tg/-related smut

You are advised to tag your stories so that people know what they're looking at. This will attract more feedback from people interested in the themes you're exploring. Consider quoting the OP when delivering. This will make it easier to find (and critique!) the new stories in a thread.

People appreciate it a lot when you give them constructive feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. We thrive on it. Don't be afraid to speak your mind about a story that caught your attention. This will help everyone in the long run.

Requests are encouraged to promote a steady flow of new content.There's nothing like a good request to get the creative juices flowing. Try to expand your ideas - a bare-bones request doesn't give us much of a good idea as to what you want. Have fun with it! Keep in mind that it might take some time to get to yours, and each writefag is interested in different kinds of things.

Remember to post pictures when possible to keep the thread alive, but keep image dumps to a minimum so that more OC can be posted.

Requests welcome.


Master smut list:

Recent entries

Our discord channel:

Previous thread: >>7264296
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