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Kosaki Onodera

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Nisekoi best girl... or should I say, best girl in the universe
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Eva cuties 12

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First thread of 2018/ 12th overall

This thread is to welcome all of the Eva ladies outside the main girls who almost always have dedicated threads (Asuka and Rei) so feel free to post any Eva girls here! A cute angel is fine, too.

Also ITT, soft pink! Or any work-safe shoujo ai between Eva cuties.
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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou and general monster girl thread #34

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Welcome to Professor Miia's bias free classroom edition

Last thread: >>3058708

OAD 2 subs out now.
Dub out now.
Season 2 still never.
Chapter 56 typeset and translated.

January chapter probably

Don't forget to participate in the eternal Monster Musume popularity-poll:
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Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko thread #45

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Gokou Ruri/Kuroneko thread #45

old thread >>3043415
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Aqua thread

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Muv-Luv Thread

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It's the new Muv-Luv thread. Post cuties.
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Hidamari Sketch thread (& other wide things thread)

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New year, same cute wides.

Hidamari related links:
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Shinobu Oshino Thread

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looking for gifs/wallpapers of females in space... stumbled across this gif today and it really got my dice rolling

Overwatch Thread

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Thread the Fourteenth!

Brain Freeze Edition

Old Thread: >>3012150
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Mio Akiyama Fan Club #52

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This thread is dedicated to Mio Akiyama from the K-On! series.

Mio is the mature but scaredy-cat
bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

The bass player of the Light Music Club. Even though she acts mature, calm and collected most of the time, she freaks out from things she's afraid of, are gross, or pertain to gore. She is a tsundere towards Ritsu, often due to Ritsu's immaturity. Because of her extreme shyness, she chose the bass over the more conspicuous guitar. She is so delicate that merely imagining herself being the center of attention almost makes her faint. She plays the bass quite well. She is kind and warm with others, caring about her friends and knowing they are important to her.

Although she is not altogether uninterested in joining a band outside school, the time she spends with the Light Music Club members is the time she enjoys the most, so she has completely devoted herself to the club, and during the school festival performance in the fall of her first high school year, she acted as lead vocalist instead of Yui, who had lost her voice at that time. It seemed like Mio might have overcome her stage fright, but after the performance ended, she tripped over a cord and fell, exposing her panties, and was traumatized anew.

Previous thread: >>3044255
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Depressed thread #3

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Post your depressed anime girls. Winter edition
Last thread >>3019627
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Tomoe Mami

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Do you like Mami-san?
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Kirino Thread 81

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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