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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on May 22 2016. Some (most) content borrowed from 4plebs.

What is ""?

Love is Over is an an unofficial archive of certain boards of Our archives include boards /c/, /d/, /e/, /i/, /lgbt/, /t/, and /u/. This archive is not part of 4chan and 4chan rules do not apply here.

Why do you archive 4chan?

Threads on are alive for a relatively short time and get removed after awhile. This site archives all threads on certain boards to preserve them for later viewing.

How do you archive 4chan?

We use a fetcher software called Asagi to download threads and images in real time. We use software called FoolFuuka for delivering this web front end. Advanced features like search and statistics are also provided with FoolFuuka.

How do I contact the administration of this site?

Twitter: @LiOArchive

Discussion Board: >>>/dev/

What happened to Love is Over in December 2015 to May 2016? Are the posts during that period lost in any way? Why did it take so long?

We switched over to a different of hosting solution due to it being less work on the administration with more resources and a cheaper cost. However things needed to be migrated to this new server, and our old host (OVH) was being particularly slow, so it took some time.

No content was lost. Databases were moved immediately and Asagi was restarted as soon as possible. We moved over to a deployment website while all the settings got worked out, but this took more time then expected due to life and priorities. (It was added to Mayhem's archives.json either way)

How do I get things removed?


This site has a report feature that lets you request removal of any thread, post or image. Report button is included in all post. Please remember to give a valid reason for removal of content.

Valid reasons for post/image/thread removal:

  • Illegal picture

  • Copyrighted picture

  • Post/thread containing personal information

"This is offensive! Will you remove it?" OR "This is slander/libel! Will you remove it?" OR "My name is next to some bad words! Will you remove it?"


No, really. No. If you have a genuine reason, contact the administration.

When was this archive started?

Love is Over started archiving in its current incarnation on January 9th, 2014.

How long do you store full images for?

As long as possible. Any full image culling will be posted on the status bar at the top, tweeted about, and uploaded to

What is ghost posting?

It's a way of continuing discussion after the thread in question has been removed from 4chan. Ghost posts will only appear on Love is Over and they will only bump the thread up in the ghost index. You can't post images with ghost posts.

Are there any more archive sites like this?

Yes. There are a ton that we may not even be aware of, but the list of archives that most popular 4chan extensions pull from is available here.